Get ready to shine
November 20, 13:00
You're invited to celebrate Alisa's 28th Birthday in the circle of incredible, likeminded women
Middle length or long dress
The more you are yourself, the more you shine
In the modern world, we are always told what we should be: a perfect mother, an ideal wife, student of a certain university, priceless employee or business owner, caring housewife or independent professional, kind and understanding woman, or a shark competing for a spot under the sun, the list goes on forever and varies for each woman.
How many of us have the courage to stop for a moment and ask: what does my soul really want?
The answers I found were frustrating, not convenient, scary. But that was me: the way I was born and the way I was meant to be. I made the step into the unknown and discovered that life can be so different when we find out who we TRULY are and follow our own path.

Today, three years later, I look back at this journey and cannot believe how powerful that decision was and how much my life changed once I decided to be myself.

I would like to share my journey with you, openly as I have never done before and inspire you to look deep into your soul to find the answers you might be looking for.
There is no better day for that than my 28th Birthday!
I invite you to join the celebration!
Three years ago, I found this courage deep inside of myself.
Our program
This event is organized to celebrate you, me, and every woman in the world. I would be very happy to see you there!
The event will consist of three parts:
We'll start with meeting in our beloved Kocheria, enjoy a small apero, take pictures, chat and get to know each other. This is just a quick introduction and won't take longer than 30 minutes.
1. Meeting up and enjoying small apero
We will have few practices that will help you:
– to open up to the world and it's possibilities
– to feel the balance between our soul and mind's desires
– to find and to reconnect to the source of energy within ourselves

What awaits us:
– Group meditation
– Theory about different ways of women's self realization
– Sharing our own experience
– Learning from others
– Finding inspiration and support from likeminded women
- New experience with practices brought from all over the world
2. Women's Circle Experience (1-1,5 hours)
Finally, happy, empowered and connected we'll go back to the ground floor of Kocheria to enjoy a proper Birthday party with:

– Songs & toasts
– Healthy, plant-based and gluten-free cupcakes, macarons, desserts and snacks
– Prosecco & cocktails
– Lots of hugs and love.
3. Birthday celebration
by Oksana
It's a Birthday celebration and I would love you to be my guest!
I would be endlessly grateful for a bigger donation, as my birthday gift. This will allow me to organize this unique experience for all of us ❤️
For as little as 30 francs, you're already a part of the event
When and where?
November 20, 13:00
KOCHERIA, Hohlstrasse 365, 8004 Zürich
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