Learn how to make your own plant-based butter from scratch, bake the fluffiest cinnamon rolls without gluten, make a dairy-free cream cheese frosting and lemon icing. Bake the fluffiest chocolate cupcakes, fill them with red currant jam and frost with Christmasy chocolate frosting!
by The Fine Cakery School
Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free

Cinnamon rolls & Christmas spiced chocolate and red currant cupcakes

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CHF 49
Two years ago, Alisa decided to transform her passion for healthy vegan baking into a business and founded The Fine Cakery.

Since then, she has been breaking the stereotype that sweets are unhealthy and astonishing her customers with revolutionary desserts made with wholesome plant-based ingredients without added sugar.

She is more than happy to share the secret recipes and important tricks with you.

About Alisa

Alisa Gilly

The Fine Cakery Founder