Fundamental healthy baking course
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Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free
You want to feel happy, healthy and full of energy after eating your sweet treats
You want to make sure your children don't consume dangerous ingredients
You want to impress your family and friends with plant-based and healthy desserts that taste better than traditional ones
You want to make gluten-free cakes and crusts with perfect consistency
You want to replace lactose in your sweets without anyone noticing a thing
You want to experiment with new flavor combinations and discover a whole new world of healthy desserts
Program of the course
The coziest course in our school
course start – Immediately after purchase
course start
– Immediately after purchase
Together we'll make 12 mouthwatering desserts without sugar, gluten and lactose, discover new interesting flavors and bring joy to everyone who tries them ❤️
  • Soft pumpkin cookies with cinnamon frosting
  • Spiced pecan cookies
  • Maple cinnamon cookies
  • Apple crumble loaf cake with cinnamon frosting
  • Carrot loaf cake with caramelized walnuts
  • Pear pistachio loaf cake
  • Pumpkin pie with ginger meringue
  • Apple pecan pie with chocolate caramel
  • Almond plum pie
  • Pumpkin chocolate and orange cheesecake bars
  • Caramel fig cheesecake
  • Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake with beetroot glaze in a jar
Modules of the course
    Getting ready for a cozy autumn
    Lesson 1: How to use this course to get the best results
    Lesson 2: Simple and healthy ingredients you'll need
    Lesson 3: Equipment that saves you time

    After the lessons you will:
    – Know how to work with the platform, get support, and use the materials
    – Understand why and how we use healthy ingredients, and start working on your pantry shelf
    – Find out that healthy baking doesn't require fancy equipment
  • MODULE 0
    Lesson 1: Pumpkin pie spice mix
    Lesson 2: A homemade pumpkin puree that takes your desserts to the next level
    Lesson 3: Creating thick apple puree without any added sugar

    After the module you will:
    – Find out which spices support our bodies during colder times, and learn how to mix them
    – Make simple pumpkin puree that will make your pumpkin desserts extra tasty
    – Learn how to make thick apple puree that gives our baked goods the best texture
  • MODULE 1
    Lesson 1: Soft pumpkin cookies with cinnamon frosting
    Lesson 2: Spiced pecan cookies
    Lesson 3: Maple cinnamon cookies

    After the module you will:
    – Learn which ingredients are responsible for extra soft or extra crunchy cookies
    – Master three basic techniques to create your own cookie recipes from scratch
    – Discover new, unique ways of making healthy, plant-based frosting
  • MODULE 2
    Loaf Cakes
    Lesson 1: Apple crumble loaf cake with cinnamon frosting
    Lesson 2: Carrot loaf cake with caramelized walnuts
    Lesson 3: Pear pistachio loaf cake

    After the module you will:
    – Learn the basic rules of making gluten-free baked goods that are soft and moist - and don't fall apart
    – Understand how to maintain the balance between dry and wet ingredients, and achieve the perfect texture
    – Make three unique cakes that impress everyone at the table

  • MODULE 3
    Lesson 1: Pumpkin pie with a ginger meringue
    Lesson 2: Apple pecan pie with chocolate caramel
    Lesson 3: Almond plum pie

    After the module you will:
    – Find two signature ways to make gluten-free pastry that can be easily rolled
    – Make three delicious fillings using different techniques to be able to experiment
    – Discover the secret to plant-based meringues that are whipped in no time
  • MODULE 4
    Lesson 1: Pumpkin chocolate and orange cheesecake bars
    Lesson 2: Caramel fig cheesecake
    Lesson 3: Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake with beetroot glaze - in a jar!

    After the module you will:
    – Learn a new, unique way of making plant-based cheesecakes
    – Discover three mouthwatering flavors served in three different ways
    – Learn the theory behind creating the perfect glaze and discover new combinations
We guarantee that you can make these sweet masterpieces at home
using SIMPLE ingredients, minimum equipment, and very easy techniques
Why choose us?
  • In-depth theory
    Our goal is not only to provide you with foolproof working recipes, but to explain the chemistry behind the ingredients so that you learn how to create healthy desserts for yourself.
  • Accurate recipes
    We believe in the power of precision! So, we have made sure all proportions are accurate and work for the best results.
  • High quality video lessons
    Our lessons are not only informative, but also recorded with the best professional equipment. We understand how important it is to watch lessons with a sharp image and great sound!
  • Simple ingredients and techniques
    We want to promote healthy baking and show you that it is, in fact, fun! We use ingredients that are easy to find and utilise, together with techniques that can be mastered right in your kitchen. That's what makes baking such a wonderful thing.
  • Lifetime access to all materials
    Things tend to be forgotten since we live in a world where changes happen so quickly. We want these recipes to become your favorite and, who knows, get passed down through generations! That's why we give you unlimited access to the course.
  • Support
    We will answer any of your questions and help solve any problems that might occur along the way. Your baking achievements are our number one priority!
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healthy, plant-based carrot cake
Fundamental healthy baking course
course start
– Immediately after purchase
course start – Immediately after purchase
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Alisa Gilly
We are on a mission!

Since 2019, Alisa has been breaking the stereotype that sweets are unhealthy, and serving her customers in Zürich revolutionary desserts made with wholesome plant-based ingredients without added sugar.

The vision of The Fine Cakery has found many new followers all over the world and grew into a new project - The Fine Cakery School. This is where we teach our students how to create healthy desserts that taste better than traditional ones! Don't believe it? Give it a try :)
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