breathtaking cupcakes
Learn how to make legendary healthy cupcakes that do not contain refined sugar, dairy or eggs.
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What makes a perfect cupcake?
Soft and moist gluten-free sponge that doesn't fall apart
Indulgent yet stable filling that makes our dessert unique
Silky frosting that melts in your mouth, taking the experience to the next level
Why make healthy cupcakes?
During the course:
– You will learn the basics of gluten-free baking by making cupcakes, which will give you the opportunity to bake cookies, muffins, cakes etc.
– You will understand how to make stable fillings and use this knowledge further to make all kinds of toppings for your desserts and everyday meals.
– Finally, you'll learn how to make mind-blowing frostings, which will make it easy for you to frost any brownie / cake / muffin etc.
Cupcakes are a unique dessert that is made of three components: sponge cake, filling and frosting. These are the basic techniques you need to master to feel confident as a healthy baker.
Breathtaking Cupcakes
will teach you the fundamentals of healthy, plant-based pastry
You want to feel happy, healthy and full of energy after eating your sweet treat
You want to make sure your children don't consume dangerous ingredients
You want to impress your family and friends with plant-based, healthy desserts that taste better than traditional ones
You want to make gluten-free cakes with perfect consistency
You want to experiment with new flavor combinations and discover a whole new world of healthy desserts
You want to start your cake business, but don't know what you should offer to your clients
Program of the course
COURSE start - Immediately after purchase
COURSE start
- Immediately after purchase
Chocolate Caramel Cake Pops
You will make:
– Chocolate sponge
– Caramel cream
– Simple chocolate glaze

After the module you will:
– Know how to work with dry and wet ingredients to create perfect sponge cakes
– Understand the basics of working with gluten-free flours
– Make healthy caramel without burning sugar
– Get an idea how to use sponge leftovers to create a new dessert
Rapsberry Vanilla Cupcakes
You will make:
– All-purpose gluten-free apple sponge
– Raspberry filling
– Tender vanilla frosting

After the module you will:
– Make the basic sponge that can be used in literally any dessert
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #1, which replaces all-purpose flour
– Understand the difference between pectins and learn how to work with each of them to create stable fillings
– Find out what ganache is and the secrets behind making a perfect one
– Get an ultimate checklist of working with coconut cream to get consistently perfect frostings regardless the cream you're using
Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes
You will make:
– Moist chocolate sponge
– Cherry filling
– "Milk" chocolate frosting

After the module you will:
– Learn how to hide vegetables in your baked goods for extra fiber
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #2, which is perfect for chocolate desserts
– Understand the difference between starches and learn how to replace one with the other for super juicy fillings
– Create a chocolate frosting that beats any traditional cream
Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes
You will make:
– Oil-free and nut-free sponge
– Silky lemon curd
– Strawberry frosting (that is better than ice cream)

After the module you will:
– Learn how to replace oil and nuts in your baked goods in case of allergies
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #3, which gives light and fluffy consistency
– Make the most indulgent lemon curd (perfect for lemon tarts) without a kilo of white sugar
– Understand how to play with ingredients in your frosting and make any fruit or berry frosting you wish
Pumpkin Coffee Cupcakes
You will make:
– Fiber-packed sponge
– Velvety coffee filling
– Pumpkin chocolate frosting

After the module you will:
– Learn how to spice up your cupcakes to make seasonal desserts
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #4, which gives dense yet indulgent consistency
– Understand the magic properties of cocoa butter to create creamy yet stable fillings and frostings
– Create a mouthwatering coffee filling using only a few ingredients
– Understand how to hide vegetables in your frosting to make it completely guilt-free
Banana Caramel Cupcakes
You will make:
– Elegant banana sponge
– Tender banana filling
– Praline-like caramel frosting

After the module you will:
– Make the most elegant banana dessert you've ever tried
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #5, which gives extra fluffy consistency
– Get two extra theoretical lessons to understand the secrets of plant-based frostings that even trained pastry chefs don't know about
– Understand how to make any frosting flavor you wish using a few secret ingredients
Yogurt Caramel Cupcakes
You will make:
– Protein-packed yogurt sponge
– Juicy berry filling
– Tender yogurt frosting

After the module you will:
– Find out how to use yogurt in your creations to create light and airy textures
– Learn how to work with gluten-free mix #6, which is used for stable sponges
– Learn what agar agar is and how to play with the quantity to create different consistencies from runny sauces to stable jellies
– Make yogurt frosting that most likely won't make it to the cupcakes, because you'll eat it with a spoon sooner
Turning Cupcake Into A Cake
You will make:
– Healthy, plant-based cake from scratch using any cupcake recipe given in the course

After the module you will:
– Learn how to adjust cupcake recipes to make perfectly stable components for your healthy cake
– Learn which molds you'll need to start your cake business
– MAKE A STUNNING HEALTHY CAKE FROM SCRATCH using the recipes that are proven to work
Pear Brie Cupcakes*
You will make:
– Soft and moist sponge
– Caramelized pears
– Healthy caramel
– Plant-based cheese frosting

After the module you will:
– Learn how to caramelize any fruit you wish
– Make the ultimate healthy caramel for your muffins, brownies and cakes
– Find out how to use plant-based cheese in your desserts to impress everyone who tries your creations

* For those who submit all 7 pieces of homework
Why choose us?
In-depth theory
Our goal is not only to provide you with foolproof working recipes, but to explain the chemistry of the ingredients so that you learn how to create healthy desserts yourself.
Accurate recipes
We believe in the power of precision! So, we have made sure all proportions are accurate and work for the best results.
High quality video lessons
Our lessons are not only informative, but also recorded with the best professional equipment. We understand how important it is to watch lessons with sharp image and great sound.
Simple ingredients and techniques
We want to promote healthy baking and show you that it is, in fact, fun! Ingredients that are easy to find and use, techniques that can be mastered right in your kitchen – that is what makes baking such a wonderful thing.
Lifetime access to all materials
Things tend to be forgotten, since we live in a world that changes so fast. We want these recipes to become your favorite and, who knows, get passed down through generations! That's why we give you unlimited access to the course.
We will answer any of your questions and help to solve problems that might occur on the way. Your baking achievements is our number one priority.
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COURSE start - Immediately after purchase
COURSE start
- Immediately after purchase
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The vision of The Fine Cakery found many followers all over the world and grew into a new project - The Fine Cakery School, where we teach our students how to create healthy desserts that taste better than traditional ones! Don't believe it?
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