breathtaking cupcakes
Learn how to make legendary healthy cupcakes that do not contain refined sugar, dairy or eggs.
Refined Sugar Free
Gluten Free
What makes a perfect cupcake?
  • You are vegan or vegetarian
  • You want to avoid gluten, white sugar and dairy products
  • You are always in search of great new recipes, flavors and textures
  • You own a café/patisserie and would like to expand the range of desserts
  • You are a home pastry chef or want to become one
  • You feel like trying something new and getting a "delicious" hobby
  • You've already completed some of our courses and can't get enough of them
Program of the course
Seven unique recipes for any taste
Chocolate Caramel Cake Pops
Basic gluten-free chocolate sponge, caramel cream, simple glaze for beginners
Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes
All-purpose gluten-free apple sponge, raspberry filling, tender vanilla frosting
Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes
Moist chocolate sponge, cherry filling, rich chocolate frosting
Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes
Oil-free and nut-free sponge, silky lemon curd, strawberry frosting (that is better than ice cream)
Pumpkin Coffee Cupcakes
Fiber-packed sponge, velvety coffee filling, pumpkin chocolate frosting
Banana Caramel Cupcakes
Elegant banana sponge, praline-like caramel frosting
Yogurt Cupcakes
Protein-packed yogurt sponge and tender yogurt frosting (made with your favorite plant-based yogurt – IMAGINE how many opportunities for experiments)
Pear Brie Cupcakes
BONUS RECIPE - for those who submit all 7 pieces of homework

Soft pear sponge, caramelized pears, healthy caramel, plant-based cheese frosting
you can make all these cupcakes at the comfort of your own kitchen with minimum equipment and zero experience in baking!
Why choose us?
In-depth theory
Our goal is not only to provide you with new working recipes, but to explain the details and give some extra information on the topic of healthy baking
Accurate recipes
We believe in the power of precision! So we have made sure all proportions are accurate and work for the best results
High quality video lessons
Our lessons are not only informative, but also recorded with the best professional equipment. We understand how important it is to watch lessons with sharp image and great sound
Simple ingredients and techniques
We want to promote healthy baking and show you that it is, in fact, fun! Ingredients that are easy to find and use, techniques that can be mastered right in your kitchen – that is what makes baking such a wonderful thing
Lifetime access to all materials
Things tend to be forgotten, since we live in a world that changes so fast. We want these recipes to become your favorite and, who knows, get passed down through generations! That's why we give you unlimited access to the course
Our baking fairies will gladly answer any of your questions and help to solve problems that might occur on the way. Your happiness and results are our utmost goal
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A lesson where Alisa explains how to adapt cupcake recipes to make a healthy, vegan cake from scratch.
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Author of the project
Two years ago, Alisa decided to transform her passion for healthy vegan baking into a business and founded The Fine Cakery.

Since then, she has been breaking the stereotype that sweets are unhealthy and astonishing her customers in Zürich with revolutionary desserts made with wholesome plant-based ingredients without added sugar.

She is now supplying the community with her healthy sweets, organising baking classes in Zürich and online.

She is more than happy to share one of her healthy recipes and important tricks with you ❤️

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