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Learn how to make healthy and delicious ice creams to feel great summer
Why making ICE CREAM at home?
Here's the sad truth: nobody is interested in your health and well-being except you. Store-bought ice creams are made with way too much sugar, artificial flavors, trans fats and other cheap ingredients.

The 'vegan' label can sometimes make us believe that the ice cream is healthier since it doesn't contain dairy, when, in fact, it might be even more damaging for our health due to the high amount of trans fats.

Should we then skip this pleasure and drink water on a hot summer day?


Our choice is to make healthy, plant-based ice cream without refined sugar and other unpleasant products using just a few pure and nourishing ingredients, minimum equipment and 15 minutes of your time! Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more!
This course is for you if:
  • You want to enjoy summer treats, while staying healthy and full of energy
  • You love ice creams, but the ones from the store contain tons of white sugar and trans fats
  • You are avoiding white sugar, but don’t know how to replace it
  • You cannot imagine how to make a delicious ice cream without dairy
  • You tried free recipes from Instagram, but were not happy with the result
  • You don’t want to waste your time and money for recipes that don’t work
Join our summer course to:
⁃ make healthy, quick and easy ice creams that everyone loves

⁃ spend 15 minutes in the kitchen and enjoy healthy ice creams the entire week

⁃ understand the theory behind and start creating your own unique flavors

⁃ learn how to make six amazing flavors with affordable ingredients

Program of the course:
Our user-friendly platform
    After the lesson you will:
    ⁃ understand how to find all materials in one place, ask questions, get support from our team and course participants and get a bonus recipe
    Simple ingredients for delicious ice creams
    After the lesson you will:
    ⁃ be happy about the simplicity of ingredients required for the course
    ⁃ find out that healthy desserts doesn't mean expensive desserts
    - get clear instructions where to get the ingredients and how to use them
    Equipment that saves your time
    After the lesson you will:
    ⁃ find out that healthy and delicious ice cream can be made with just a few tools, which you already have at home
    ⁃ understand how to use the equipment to make smooth and creamy ice cream
    How to make healthy ice cream, that tastes better than the traditional one
    After the lesson you will:
    ⁃ understand the chemistry behind healthy ice creams to make sure the recipe works every single time
    ⁃ be able to create your own unique flavors to impress your loved ones (and yourself most of all 💓)
    Healthy ice creams for a HEALTHY YOU: recipes that will make you forget the store-bought ice creams!
    Strawberry Chocolate Ice Dream
    — Chocolate ice cream: classic flavor that everyone loves
     — Berry glaze: crunchy and refreshing cover that underlines the sweetness of chocolate
    Bounty Ice Dream
    — Coconut ice cream: remember that Bounty filling? You won't be able to tell the difference
     — Chocolate glaze: easy way to glaze your ice cream without tempering the chocolate
    Berry Ice Dream
    — Strawberry ice cream: make it blueberry, raspberry, mango, peach, use this recipe to create any fruit ice cream you wish!
     — White chocolate glaze: sweet and velvety glaze to underline the sour berry base
    Matcha Mango Ice Dream
    — Matcha ice cream: a treat for gourmands with a hidden vegetable and a light matcha flavor
     — Mango glaze: soft cover that reminds us of the famous Japanese mochi ice cream
    Pistachio Ice Dream
    The favorite flavor of the entire team :)
    Ice Dream Sandwich
    — Caramel ice cream: the most indulgent flavor for those who love it extra sweet
     — Chocolate cookies (g/f): a new way of serving your ice cream to impress your family and friends
    Invest minimum time - get maximum results!
    We prepared for you:
    Easy to understand platform with all the materials you need in one place
    Short video tutorials to save your time
    Printable ingredient lists to go shopping efficiently
    Printable recipes to have them always on hand
    Find support on our platform
    Unlimited access to the course
    Bonus recipe after submitting all six pictures of your creations
    Let’s make our ice dreams come true
    Look what our students say about our courses:
    Author of the project
    We are on a mission!

    Since 2019, Alisa has been breaking the stereotype that sweets are unhealthy, and serving her customers in Zürich revolutionary desserts made with wholesome plant-based ingredients without added sugar.

    The vision of The Fine Cakery found many followers all over the world and grew into a new project — The Fine Cakery School, where we teach our students how to create healthy desserts that taste better than traditional ones! Don't believe it? Give it a try :)

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    Feel free to reach out!
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