Learn how to pay attention to details, which make the difference in plant-based cooking
Mastertable with Béla
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September 2023
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Mastertable is for you if:
You are tired of the long ingredients lists given in most vegan recipes
You always follow the recipes precisely, but often get disappointed with the result
You don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing one meal
You want to learn about different vegetables and their properties
You want to gain the in-depth knowledge from professional chef with 10+ years experience
You want your dish to be plant-based, but very rich in taste
You want to make seasonal meals everyone will love
What is Mastertable?
Mastertable is an online live streaming cooking class. It makes it possible for you to learn how to cook healthy and plant-based easy dishes. You will get priceless tips from an experienced chef, live and first hand – you are going to have the chance to ask questions during the live class and cook yourself at the same time.
What is included in the membership?
There are going to be three dishes cooked, we will start on Sunday's 10:00am, for your lunch to ready on time. In other words, for three weeks you will not have to worry about your Sunday's lunch anymore, shopping lists will be provided on Friday's, and the recipes right after the live class.

Membership includes that all MasterTable classes will stay available as recordings for you of course, to watch anytime on your tablet or smartphone. Each class will take around 90min, and we are going to communicate over the private Instagram account. There you are going to get all important information, extra content and much more.
What can you learn?
You are going to be taught first hand from a professional trained and experience international chef, with deep ingredients knowledge, talent, and more over and most important extremely passionate about great food.
What's on the menu in September?
Roasted pumpkin soup
Pickled pumpkin, roasted seeds, cold pressed oil, garlic croutons
Forest mushroom pasta
Whole wheat linguini, cherry tomatoes, chives
Asian style braised eggplant
Steamed rice, freshly crushed cucumbers
Mastertable with Béla
course start – September 2023
Class dates:
03/09, 10/09, 17/09
10:00am CET
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